domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

I want kiss you in spite of the biscuits.

I have talked about it enough, forgetting to be honest with you I trust my self and I didn`t thought about the consecuences of being hours and hours with you by the phone or by the internet and so on. Thereby creating necessity.
Now is late but not much to forgive what we have done and to create a new way of touch.

Forgetting we were made of diferents thoughts we found each other and we decided to look for and found in us what we need before. But not travelling away, that is just the aparently reason, that is what we want to think about despite of think to much of you and I.

Tonight like no other I noticed that you were what I want and I dind't ask me anymore why it was this way. It is just a feeling and I want it to flow freely.

I really like you, I do.


2 comentarios:

Soleil dijo...

Buscaba el otro, el que el ruido de la ciudad recuerda a él…
¿Es mi estupidez y está en otro idioma? O como siempre… estoy perdida?
Gran consejo, me gustó muchísimo lo que más la gran frase.
Te quiero Claire.

meris dijo...

jajaja i love you to write in english..and i'm happy because i know you're having a great time with him and you're happy too..good good luck my little angel :) love u!